Advertising:It Pays

Golden Ink Internet Advertising Rate Card
Effective January 1, 2003
Ad Views CPM (Cost per 1,000)
Rate Base Banner
(Limited availability)
100,000 $16 $7
75,000 $18 $8
50,000 $20 $10
25,000 $22 $12
10,000 $24 $15

Example: 100,000 ads cost $16.00 per thousand, or $1600.00. At an estimated click-thru rate of 3%, each visitor to your web-site costs 53 cents. Click-thru rates vary depending on factors such as how creative the ad is, and how frequently the ad is run. You can generally expect a click-thru of more than 3%.


  1. More than 150 million people use the Web on a regular basis.
  2. Ads on general interest portals are lost, delivered to people that probably aren't interested in your product. Ads on Golden Ink's Georgia Network are automatically targeted to people who live in the state or may be visiting the state in the near future.
  3. All Georgia Network sites consistantly beat the industry average click-thru rate of <2%
  4. Our sites are upbeat and fun to visit.
Why do people advertise on Golden Ink's Georgia Network?
  1. Product Branding
  2. Sales of product lines
  3. Promoting an understanding of a product through click-throughs to information on a web-site
  4. Product introduction
  5. Targeting a younger, higher income, more intelligent audience
  6. Capture e-mail addresses for future campaigns
  7. Increase Return-on-investment for existing web sites.

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